The Big 3 are back at it.

K pop's biggest companies (be it in name, or success) are back to give out three new comebacks.
SM is returning with Girls' Generation, the biggest girl group in K pop, and one of the biggest in that industry period. AKA...The wall these other ladies ain't climbing over. Their return will involve a mini album, with the track Mr. Mr. The video comes out on the 19th, and the ep itself will be released on the 24th.
YG is finally got their shit together, and 2ne1 will be releasing their second album (in their five year long career...says something doesn't it) with Crush/AllOr nothing/What Should Have been released over a year ago. 10 songs, 9 of them new,  all coming on the January 24. This is to proceed their concert which starts at the beginning of March. Honestly I don't believe in the whole YG hates 2ne1. I just think some simple management problems happened, and pushbacks came about. I do believe the album was supposed to come out around October, but due to bad sales of the two other singles, YG made the call to scrap the release, and just re-record the album. Smart idea.
Last and certainly not least is JYP. JYP (The company not the man), has so graciously decided that Sunmi was actually going to be a legit thing and we are getting a full with two wonder girl member features, and a vampire concept. Full Moon (both track and ep) will be released the 17th.
I am actually excited about all three of these. I will admit I like Girls' Generation, but I think their music tends to be very underwhelming. It is like the hardest they have ever come for my spirits is with The Boys (such a poorly done song tbh), and Genie (Their best title track period). IGAB was an exciting song, and had good points, but there were negatives to it, and overall was not well received by many. Even though it got hella play in SK, and a few Western media outlets gave it some shine. Still overall project wise I have never been impressed with them. Their albums lack a lot of cohesiveness, and sound like all effort was put into their title tracks, and everything else...well it will sell.
2ne1 is a group that I honestly like. I see them as a lot of potential that may or may not go anywhere. However, it has been said that CL has written and composed three songs on the album...not that this is like the almighty we got talent! thing, but it tells me that there is something there. Whether they are good or not will be up for debate when this album comes out. Still they need to put an able out so their fans can shut up.
Sunmi...well I ain't even afraid. JYPE is so far the only company where my complaints are minimal and the music is good. They specialize in pop music that has more rhythmic qualities (verging on R&B in many occasions) . Sunmi however seems to be taking a different turn musically (although I don't doubt that slight R&B flavor is going to be present). I like that they are diversifying their artist if only a little. Got7 is a cute group that specializes in Hip-Pop with R&b tinges. Wonder Girls are/were a pop group with retro leanings but were leaving them with their last mini, the sorely underrated Wonder Party. 2PM is now a mature contemporary Pop/R&B lite group. Miss A really don't have a definite focus, but they are dance music kind of gals. 2AM are the balladeers with focus on R&B and pop. BaY right now is sweet pop, with that JYP trademark flavor. 15& are really the only group with little identity and that is because they only have two releases...but mostly they are going to be like BaY with a grander feel as they are two above average vocalist.
Anyway Sunmi is quirky and so I am happy they are appealing to that side of her.
All three acts are going to go head to head, and it will be exciting to hear the music that comes from this.
I will be doing reviews for these acts so be on the look out.

Favorite High Notes from Hyolyn's One Way Love promotional era...the song.

So...I made a thing.
It's just my favorite high note section from One Way Love in live performances.
I think Hyolyn has improved greatly, specifically in this part of her voice. I think she does need major rest because that was a months worth promotion, on top of a busy year. Hopefully her voice will not see any sort of damage.
In the meantime enjoy.

Judging from what is happening with Got7 (ugh this name)

I wonder if the same thing will happen with 15&.
Part of me really hopes so.
That would explain their just as long absence. I mean they did work, and did a little variety. But they don't stay in long.
I mean their promotional cycle lasted longer than people gave credit for, and they were performing for a good minute. But I wonder if the whole taking it slow is just an excuse to put *insert* them into a new group.
Maybe I am wrong and they are just taking it slow so the girls don't lose their childhood to the industry.

Music Reviews: Girls' Day got Something for us

Well that title...
In just two days, K pops music scene has gotten a lot.
A return of a long standing senior group, the return of a K pop king...and the comeback of a lovely girl group.
This girl group is the first official female release of the year.
Girl's Day return with Something is...
well it's nice.
I have not really gotten into Girl's Day, I thought Expectations and Female President were great songs, but eh...I just really did not get into the group itself.
So I was not exactly thrilled with Girl's Day coming back. I mean I wasn't distraught or salty, I just...didn't care.
If they had a good song, yay, if not oh well.
Thankfully they have a good one.
Something is a slinky, sexy, and solemn track. Honestly it is perfect for this time of year. It is the dead of winter, and sad ballads really do fit well at this time.
At first listen I immoderately thought...Alone by Sistar. The light vocals, the sweet breeziness to it. There was a somberness, that makes the song somewhat resemble Alone. The instrumental does not help either. It feels like a broken down version of Brave Bros. That's not a bad thing, nor am I saying that Sistar (And Brave Bros.) monopolize this sound, but that quickly came into my head. This was only further enforced by the video. The video has scenes that have bright colors and this flashy feel to it. In my opinion there is something similar to Sistar's Alone.
However when I finally listened to the song again, and read the lyrics, I got an entirely different song.
Something is not just about a brokenhearted girl, but an angry one. There is this demand for answers. They are not missing their boyfriend, but instead are upset that he is not...valuing their love.
Now what also gets me, and normally would have pissed me off, is that they keep it vague about why it happened.I don't normally care about what the why for a broken relationship is if it is not discussed, but Something does bring it up. In fact that is the main point of the song. Something was a miss and they are talking about it.
From how the lyrics go, it sounds like her boyfriend cheated on her.
There is a scent all over his body.
He look guilty.
He was caught in a lie...
Everyone knew but her.
What is this something.
It is never out right said, but it allowed me to come to the conclusion that all is not well because Mr. Man decided he wanted to double dip in some random's cooch.
The instrumental has this slinky, sensual vibe to it. I am not mad at that. I think I would have wanted less of the bass because it clashed with the slinky electronic sound a little bit. But overall, nothing really too out of it.
The vocals are kind of where I am a bit iffy. They sing in a sweet falsetto for the most part, sans ole girl at the end and during the chorus. However it doesn't really come off how the lyrics read. The song is about an upset/over it brokenhearted girl. Yet they sound more sappy about it. It's too sweet, and too meek. A little more aggression on their part would have been nice. It doesn't have to be powerful, but maybe they could have phrased in a way that would have been more productive to the song. I don't get anger, not even frustration.
But that is just me.
Video wise...well it;s four pretty girls singing in various rooms and outfits, and dancing.
I don't know how I feel about the choreography just yet. However two specific moves need to be wiped out. The first part where they hit the floor and do a Sunmi, and the slight hop move. I did like the wavy finger thing during the over here and over there part. Simple...
Visually it is nice, nothing to really rave about, but at the same time it works. The use of bright colors during their scenes out of their homes gave it a kind of vibe. Like there is a difference in character when they are outside of their home, in more lavished clothing, than inside where they are more dressed down, in sunlight.
I appreciate their black dance outfit...reminded me of Aaliyah's from Are You That Somebody.
Overall, I can't say that this is a bad, or even underwhelming comeback. Something fits the time right now, it is sexy, and the visual works well enough to get people interested.
There mini is out today as well, so be on the look out for that.

Got7 is happening and two members have been *revealed*

Okay so JYPE is on the fast track to making 2014 happen for them. 2013 was a good year for them in my opinion. We had quite a few comebacks, with the only drawback being not enough screentime on variety, or having to actually wait for a comeback. Still, musically JYPE's acts have all come through in 2013.
So 2014 is basically a year where things need to just continue going up.
One way JYPE is doing that is by debuting a new boyband.
That boyband is named Got7.
camnoapprove to the name.
Now we knew that this group was going to happen. Rumors were buzzing around the JYP fandom itself with little reports that JJ Project were being integrated into another group, and that 2014 was going to be the year for new things. Then there were pictures of JJ Project out with some people who were assumed to be potential members (some were valid pics, others were pics of them with dancers).There were rumbles and grumbles of it happening, but what solidified it was JYP's male trainees appearing on Win or whatever that show was called. Why present these boys to the world if you were not going to debut them?
The answer: they were.
We got to see most likely what we will be getting in 2014 in terms of male acts. We already got something from JYPE's vocal group 5Live, and now the official debut of Got7.
These names are bad.
Anyway, because K pop is determined to be about shit this year, we got the debut of *so far* two members.
One is Mark.
The other is...JB of JJ Project (possibly defunct, more than likely a sub unit)
We know who is going to be in this group...

  • Mark

  • BamBam (this name)

  • Jackson (the already fan favorite)

  • Jr.

  • JB.

So far that is five members and more than likely we will get the rest later today...I mean really there are only two members we...or possibly just me...are not sure about. Everyone else is pretty much known.
I will say...I hope one of these boys can sing down. JB can sing...but...he is more of lead vocalist material...not main vocalist.

Bi Rain returns with...Rain Effect vol 6; releases two videos for his promotional singles.

These last two days have been really busy. First TVXQ, and now Bi Rain has returned. However instead of a single release, he has returned with an album.
*Throws Glitter* Rain Effect vol 6.
I already listened to the album, and at first listen I liked the album, but the I will talk about it in another post later (The big review post for this comeback)
Right now enjoy the two videos.

30 Sexy

La Song

Music Reviews: TVXQ's return with Something

So as a way to open up the new year, we have ten year strong male duo, TVXQ/DBSK/Dong Bang Shin Ki returning with their latest Korean single Something. Being K pop, that single came with a video.
Does the song hold up to be a 10th anniversary song? Is it strong enough for a group who is on their seventh album, and are basically legends in K pop?
Personally I think the song is good. It's very lively. There is live instrumentation going on, and in my opinion, instruments just make everything better musically. There is a pep in its step that electronic resources cannot duplicate (though they have their own uses themselves).
Something has this jazzy swing vibe that allows for this smug ass attitude that TVXQ takes on. We gonna talk about that in a minute let me just revel in this beat. It fun, it stays consistent, it is layered, and not a mess. I know last year was SM's "lets experiment and hope for the best" year.Sometimes they got it right, and then other times they got it wrong.
2013 was a mess for everyone...let's be honest.
Regardless I appreciated it because it set them apart. Now entering 2014, they still got the balls to try to be different in a sense. While this may not be different for K Pop in a sense (how many retro songs popped up last year?) This is different for TVXQ, and they handle it with class.
The boys themselves give a very energetic, workable performance. Once again, I have less than an inch worth of a fuck for this group, so I don't know what they are like on the regular outside of the started as a five member acapella group, turned into big things in K pop, went to Japan and got big (before and after) and then...controversy. Basing any sort of opinion off of just this, I think they did a good enough job. Not even just good, a fantastic job. I have seen that some are upset that Changmin did not do a high note (yes a gratatious high note is worth it everytime), but they have energy and deliver well.
They never lose energy in a song that maintains high energy.
Now lyrically...This is where the issue comes in.
I don't understand...
Well I do... to an extent. I know that the song itself is about a girl that Changmin and Yunho like (two different girls), but Homin does not think that they are worthy of their time. Like the song is basically asking these girls to step their game up.
Basically: Homin the shit and they don't want them ordinary birds.
I can appreciate that, I just think at some parts (the beginning, and the chorus) where things feel muddled. The beginning is talking about going out that night. Then chorus hits and we don't have a seque into it. We just go from talking about how tonight about to be that night, and then...SHE GOT THAT SOMETHING!!!!
Like give me a chance to breathe before you send me left field. After that the song is more cohesive lyrically. We still talking about how tonight about to be great, but now they added finding a girl that will match them.
Now the other part that gets me is the fact that they are saying she has something, but at the same time she does not.
Like I did not sign up to be confused about this.
Maybe something is that they are lacking. She has something, but she needs to get on their level to really be about it. Like they are basically saying she ain't there yet, and they know it, but they willingly going along with Friday.
I don't know. The lyrics got me.
The lyrics are overall cocky and I appreciate that.
When looking at the video, once again it is a step up from last year.
First...we have a plot...and a the same video. And it wasn't in a box.
2014 is already doing better.
Regardless of that it was a little clunky for me. The storyline...boys walk through hall, enchanted picture, shenanigans ensue. The story obviously takes a back seat to the song and performance aspect itself, But in my opinion it is still there.
The overall video takes place in this gold ballroom. Opulence is a real thing in your ten year. Part of it takes place on the street, with a car whose rims turn into speakers. Beautiful.
The scenery works. There is a level of....I don't know how to describe it. But it feels shiny. Like this is obviously meant to be impressive. Even being in that trashy looking street looked glamorous.
They looked like they were having fun, and that is good...
The performance aspect is where they shine. They were energetic, and smug (which fits the song), and cute. I don't know. A problem is the dance not being as prominent as I could have wanted.
It did not have to be the entire video, but I would have loved to see the dance more, to get a feel of it. It felt too disjointed for the sake of trying to be smug, and flashiness. I hope a dance version comes out so I can see what we are actually working with...I mean we will see when they perform it in a week or so. But eh...there are some cool moments such as the string moments, and the dance break, but I need to see the entire thing.
About the dance break...I really do think that we could have maybe extended that...a little...
It was cool. I really do think that moment was actually great, and allowed the guys to take lead on their own moments. But it felt...short. Like Yunho was getting it...then it ends and Changmin comes in...and he was getting it...and...back to the song. They were giving me something and it just...goes.
The only thing I really didn't care for without any sort of hesitation was those ugly ass scenes with them floating instruments. That was ugly. Never again.
Also the styling was meh. It had moments, and then it had shame. Those temp tats need to not happen. Be about shit and get real ones, that don't look like Lisa Frank drew them on you.
Other than that, the video matches the energy of the song, and plays up on the whole jazzy vibe with the dance, and the scenery, and such.
The song is fun, and while I do think it doesn't completely hit the mark, it still is a nice way to start 2014.

TVXQ returns with Something

I don't really know TVXQ/DBSK/hatever they are called that day outside of the controversy, and Mirotic, so I can't say whether this is better or worse than other releases.
I will say on it's own merit, just from first listen and watching the video, SM/TVXQ are starting the year off proper. I do have a few immediate criticisms video wise (really only one, and really minor). But that will be in the review/analysis.
TVXQ are slated to return with their latest record on January 7th.
Review will be up later.